Weldbond Universal Glue

  • Weldbond Universal Glue

    Weldbond®  is a universal bonding adhesive for glass, wood, plaster, metals, slates, tiles, building panels, boards and blocks, cement, bricks, concrete, linoleum, fabrics and more.

    Weldbond® appears white in the container but dries to a clear film. It is water resistant but not waterproof, impervious to gasoline, oil, grease, salt, molds and fungi, weak alkalies and weak acids. It is non-staining and will not become brittle with age. It creates a flexible bond.

    Weldbond® is concentrated and can be thinned with clean water only. It is ready for use, it does not require heating or mixing. 

    CURE TIME:  Weldbond® becomes tacky quickly and will dry within the hour on porous surfaces.  Provides a strong bond within 24 hours and tremendous strength within a few days. The sealing mixture of 5 parts water to 1 part concentrated Weldbond® dries in approximately 1 hour.

    WORKING TEMPERATURE:  For maximum performance use at temperatures above 10°C and on surfaces below 92°C.


    Solid Content 51 – 53 %
    Viscosity 10,500 – 12,000 CPS
    PH 4.5 – 5.5
    Particle Size Medium, Average 1.5u
    Particle Charge   Nonionic
    Specific Gravity 1.095
    Residual Monomer 0.5% Maximum
    Odour Slight, Characteristic
    Colour Wet White
    Colour Dry Clear
    Flexibility Flexible
    Water Resistance Good
    Appearance Slightly Hazy
    U.V. Resistance Very Good
    G.T. (Glass Transitional) Spec is 5+

    EXCEPTIONS: Some types of plastic, rubber and cast metals will not produce a bond with Weldbond® , i.e. polyethylene, unbacked vinyl, P.V.C., Teflon®, polypropylene, vinyl to vinyl, cast iron, cast aluminum.  Weldbond® is not intended for marine applications.  It is not recommended for use on exposed exterior surfaces. Garage interiors are acceptable.

    150mL Tube
    $9.50 (inc GST)
    227mL Bottle
    $13.00 (inc GST)
    341mL Bottle
    $16.00 (inc GST)
    600mL Bottle
    $24.00 (inc GST)
    3.0L Bottle
    $89.00 (inc GST)

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