Structural Epoxy Adhesive

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    Structural Epoxy Adhesive TECHNIFAST-750

    Techniglue is a solvent free, epoxy resin, specifically formulated for use with Techniglue hardeners to cure at room temperature, and produce high-strength, waterproof bonds. The thixotropic nature of the adhesive provides good gap filling and hold-up, on vertical surfaces.

    While the Techniglue H60 hardeners are available with two different curing rates - Fast and Slow - in retail quantities only the fast-setting hardener is available for which technical details can be viewed below.

    Techniglue is suitable for bonding structural elements fabricated from wood, concrete, fibreglass, stone & marble, pottery, metal (ferrous and non- ferrous) and some plastics. Take care to assure that the components are thoroughly mixed to a uniform colour before applying. 

    Mix Ratio - 1 part hardener to 2 parts resin by volume
    Pot Life - 15 minutes (100g @ 25ºC in air)
    Cured to a solid state @ 25ºC  - 8 hours 
    Tensile Strength - 25 - 30 MPa 
    Tensile Bond Strength - 10 - 12 MPa 
    Compressive Strength - 60 - 80 MPa 
    Flexural Strength - 20 - 25 MPa

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