Square Drive Round Washer Head Wood Screws

  • Square Drive Round Washer Head Wood Screws

    Get the best pocket hole screws - Buy Robertson!

    This is an extension of the panhead screw; there is a washer formed under the head to give a larger bearing area to minimize the screw sinking into the surface and it gives larger adjustment on slotted holes.

    It has specific design qualities that make it perfect for pocket hole jointing - a coarse thread perfect for Australian and other hardwoods, a fine self-drilling point for waste removal when screwing into the timber to prevent splitting.

    Now available in 100-Pack and 500-Packs for bulk users.

    Like all quality Robertson screws, these screws can be used and re-used many times over so are also very handy for using with pocket hole jigs and other non-permanent fixing work.

    The Zinc Finish is a clear (silver) zinc plating; ideal for matching hardware hinges gate fittings etc. It is moderately corrosion resistant, but the finish is primarily decorative.

    The Steel Finish is the standard "Lube" finish is which has a bronze/grey colour. The colour of the screw comes from the heat treatment after which a dry wax is applied to prevent corrosion and ease driving.

    Not sure what size screw to get? 

    Below is a handy guide when choosing the right length screw for your different timber thicknesses when doing pocket hole joinery - 

    Screw Length Material Thickness
    25mm 16-18mm
    31mm 19 - 21mm
    37mm 22 - 28mm
    44mm 28 - 32mm
    51mm 32 - 35mm

    Origin of the Robertson square drive screws

    The "Robertson" screws were invented in Canada by Peter Robertson in 1908. Due to patent restrictions they stayed in Canada for many years and became the standard screw in that country. They are now spreading rapidly through the US and other countries. It is a far superior system and we are sure you will agree “once you use them you don't want to use anything else”. 

    Not only is the drive system better than the conventional drives, the actual quality of the screws is superb. The screws are extremely strong and the square drive means the driver doesn't jump out and the screw does not break under heavy load. 

    Zinc 8Gx25mm Pk 100 Use #2 Driver
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