Hand Mitre Trimmer Measuring System

  • Hand Mitre Trimmer Measuring System F-12010

    Add this Measuring System to your hand mitre trimmer to ensure accurate frame cutting. 

    The Mitre Trimmer Measuring System features a Micro Adjustment Screw which allows you to move the moulding into the blade by small, even amounts giving you smooth even shaves each time. It is therefore easier to accurately cut each piece to the length required.

    The procedure is as follows - cut your frame into 4 sides in the normal manner. Cut each side longer than required, then trim one end in the hand mitre trimmer. Place each side onto the measuring table, and set the actual length required using the measuring stop. Using the micro adjustment screw, small, even shaves can be taken off each length to achieve accurate frame sides.

    $144.00 (inc GST)

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