Ezy Measuring System

  • Ezy Measuring System

    For improved performance of any sawing system the FrameCo Ezy -Measuring System makes cutting of picture frame moulding quick and easy.

    Although the guillotine is accepted as the ideal machine for cutting picture frame moulding, a professional mitre guillotine is beyond most small workshops. There are a number of well made manual mitre saws and power saws on the market and the FrameCo Ezy - Measure System will attach to most of these units.

    Made exclusively by FrameCo, it will attach to most manually operated or electric powered saws. It is easy to assemble and calibrate for accurate cutting. Slide the moulding along the scale to the desired length, set the stop and cut. The measuring stop on the system enables you to cut the next side exactly the same length. Read from the inside of rebate for accurate lengths every time. 

    It also includes the MitreMate Scale that provides you with the correct angle for cutting multi angled frames. The scale gives you the correct angle for accurate measurement and this combined with the multi angle stop on the ezy - measuring system, makes multi angles framing a breeze.

    The FrameCo Ezy-Measure Extension Kit increases the length of the measuring system to 1.5 metres/64".

    The extension table can be easily removed if not required as a permanent fixture. The scale and full instructions for setting up are included with the unit. The scale measures from 114 - 168cm (48 - 64"). The extension table is locked into your existing Ezy - Measuring System with pins provided with the extension kit.

    Ezy Measuring System
    $144.00 (inc GST)
    Extension Kit
    $72.00 (inc GST)

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