Bench Top Morticing Machine

  • Bench Top Morticing Machine TBM-160 new model fills a niche in the market between simple hobby and industrial mortice machines. It has all the features of industrial machines, but in a compact and well-priced bench top unit. The most significant feature that has been added to this unit is the adjustable working table. This table, which measures 200 x 120mm has an integral clamp built into it that can hold work pieces  up to 100mm wide or complete removed for bigger material.

    It also has lateral adjustment in both directions, that slide on dovetailed cast-iron plates making it accurate to adjust for multiple boring. The side adjustment is done via a quick action handle that uses a rack and pinion system. The total lateral adjustment gained from this is 180mm. The fore/aft adjustment is done via a fine-threaded handwheel that allows for a maximum of 90mm of movement - so you can set the mortice perfectly central to wide work pieces, and will allow accurate slot morticing.

    It has downward travel of 130mm which is modulated by a gas lift that has just the right strength to make vertical movement a breeze. There is also an integral depth stop and work piece stop built in so you can set it up for multiple runs.

    The alloy-bodied motor has been chosen so that the outside body of it does not heat up excessively and cause accidental burning  when you come into contact with it. It is able to drive a maximum diameter 5/8in mortice bit easily. It has a standard 3/4in collar to hold the square bit in place so almost all mortice bits available on the market today will suit this machine.

    • Motor size: 1/2hp (375W) induction-type
    • Chuck size: 5/8in (16mm)
    • Mortice bit maximum: 5/8in (16mm) - recommended
    • Downward travel: 130mm
    • Table size: 200 x 120mm (width x depth)
    • Clamp capacity: 0 - 100mm
    • Table side adjustment: 180mm (maximum)
    • Fore/aft adjustment: 90mm (maximum)

    Please note that due to the shipping weight of this machine that a tailgate drop fee of $80.00 may need to be charged. Please see our Freight & Returns for more information.

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    $449.00 (inc GST)
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