Jewellery Box Strap Hinges

  • Jewellery Box Strap Hinges

    Strap hinges are similar to quadrant hinges but are easier to install. There are two different versions -

    1. The version with the stay built into the hinge is produced from solid brass and made in Spain by hand - a simply beautiful hinge that would work well in a bespoke box.  The strap of the hinge measures approximately 35 x 6mm (width x length) and needs to be recessed on one side of the box with a small mortice drilled out for clearance of the integral stay.
    2. The V-5260 hinges have an integral stop built into the knuckle of the hinge so does not require a second cavity for the stay and is produced of steel and electro-plated brass, making it a great economical option. The strap of this hinge measures approximately 30.5 x 6mm (width x length).
    Pack of 2 With Stay
    $24.95 (inc GST)
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    Pack of 2 No Stay
    $7.90 (inc GST)
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    Pack of 10 No Stay
    $34.90 (inc GST)
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