Japanese Saws - Miniature

  • Japanese Saws - Miniature

    These Miniature Japanese Saw are still brilliant to use

    These saws have all the same features as their large brothers. They are made for users who need a small tool to get into a tight space, or who only work with small work pieces and therefore can exert greater control through the use of a smaller saw.

    All saws feature the improved EVA GRIP, which makes it more comfortable to use over longer periods of time and easier to control. The RS-293 and RS-290 have the ability to plunge cut into timber.

    The difference between miniature and full-sized Japanese saws

    The only difference between these saws and their larger brothers is in the blade and handle length. Each has a 180mm-long blade which is perfect for getting into a tight space or fine cabinet work.

    The reduced size also reduces cost which makes these good to try before committing to the larger saws. All mini Japanese Saws come with the modern EVA-GRIP handle that moulds to user grips more comfortably over longer periods.

    Dozuki, Ryoba and Kataba saws

    There are four versions available - the Dozuki saws with spines that provide extra rigidity have 0.3mm blade thicknesses while the other two require thicker 0.5mm blades. All come with a standard 16TPI tooth set on one side for cross and end-grain cutting except the finer Dozuki which is 25TPI for extremely fine detail work such as cutting dovetails on thin materials. The Ryoba's second edge has 8TPI for ripping timbers.

    The RS-290 and 293 has a leading tooth set on the front of the blade to perform plunge cuts into timber.

    Dozuki Style - 16TPI
    $39.90 (inc GST)
    Dozuki (16TPI), Kabata & Ryoba Kit
    $115.00 (inc GST)
    Dozuki (25TPI), Kataba & Ryoba Kit
    $125.00 (inc GST)
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