Japanese Joint Master Kit

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    Japanese Joint Master Kit JKIT-1

    Set the romance aside, Japanese chisels are made for working wood. The combination of their forge welded blade, hollow back, and ferrule / tang mounted hardwood handles makes a Japanese chisel a most effective and delightful chisel to use. And Japanese chisels work best when struck with a Japanese hammer. Together they are a great option for anyone who loves using hand tools to work wood.

    Working with hand tools is one of the great pleasures of woodworking. And using Japanese tools takes this experience to the next level. If you are purchasing your first Japanese tools, a great place to start is with this kit of Japanese chisels and hammers. Enter the Joint Master!

    About Japanese Chisels and Hammers

    With their forge welded blade, hollow back and socket ferrule / tang mounted hardwood handles, Japanese chisels are distinctly different in construction to Western chisels. Similarly, Japanese hammers are also different - not a claw in sight! This does not mean that these tools are superior or inferior, after all, they virtually do the same job. They are simply the Japanese approach, built upon hundreds of years of tool making tradition.

    The Joint Master Kit

    Your Joint Master Kit includes:

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    Why this Joint Master Kit

    This set has a bit of everything. Some stocky Oire Nomi Chisels for heavy bench work. Some fine Umkei Oire Nomi for the details. And three differently weighted hammers. A perfectly balanced Japanese tool kit to get you into making some serious joint making. Enter the Joint Master!

    Made in Japan

    These Japanese tools are a high-quality product, 100% made in Japan.

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