Ioroi Japanese Umeki Oire Nomi Craft Persons SUPER FINE Set of 4 Chisels

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    Ioroi Japanese Umeki Oire Nomi Craft Persons SUPER FINE Set of 4 Chisels UONKIT-4-S

    Set the romance aside, Japanese chisels are made for working wood. The combination of their forge welded blade, hollow back, and ferrule / tang mounted hardwood handles makes a Japanese chisel a most effective and delightful chisel to use. Japanese chisels are a great option for anyone who loves using hand tools to work wood.

    Working with hand tools is one of the great pleasures of woodworking. And using Japanese tools takes this experience to the next level. If you are purchasing your first Japanese tools, a great place to start is with a set of chisels. Suitable for all types of fine joinery work, check out this Crafts Persons SUPER FINE Set of Four Umeki Oire Nomi chisels.

    About Japanese Chisels

    With their forge welded blade, hollow back and socket ferrule / tang mounted hardwood handles, Japanese chisels are distinctly different in construction to Western chisels. This does not mean that are either superior or inferior, after all, they virtually do the same job. They are simply the Japanese approach, built upon hundreds of years of tool making tradition.

    Crafts Persons SUPER FINE Set of Four Umeki Oire Nomi Chisels

    Your four-piece set includes:

    Learn more about the individual chisels by using the SKU number and visiting each page on the Timbecon website.

    Please note, these chisels are supplied separately, not in a single box.

    Why this set of four Umeki Oire Nomi

    This four-piece Crafts Persons SUPER FINE set of Umeki Oire Nomi chisels is for the woodworker who is into details. If you are into the detail of fine joinery, this is the set for you. Purchase additional chisels separately once you have found your groove.

    About Umeki Oire Nomi Chisels

    Umeki Oire Nomi chisels feature a Red Oak hardwood handle matched with a steel hoop. They are designed for striking with a metal hammer or wooden mallet. The chisel blade is thin and features a very wide chamfer on both upper edges that meet at the centreline of the blade. This makes the Umeki chisel light, easy to handle and very versatile. Japanese chisels are assembled using a combined socket ferrule and tang design making them very secure and long lasting. Umeki Oire Nomi chisels are used for a broad range of detailed tasks including dovetailing, cleaning up joinery and inlaying.

    Made in Japan

    These Japanese chisels are a high-quality product, made by Master Blacksmiths Ioroi in Japan.

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