Inlay Pin Awl

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    Inlay Pin Awl 05-K-1201

    With slender handles for pencil-like control, these tools are useful for freehand inlay work and following templates. They are also good complements to our inlay groove and slicing tool since the groove and chisel tools can be used to clean up, deepen or terminate grooves without widening them.


    Measure about 6" long
    Blades are made of spring steel hardened to Rc48-51
    ABS/nylon handles are ribbed for sure grip
    Template groove cutter and inlay chisel available in 0.025", 0.032" and 0.040" widths
    Template groove cutter has V-notched hook blade that scores the edges of grooves
    Chisel has a 30° bevel and is used for squaring ends of a groove
    Awl has fine tip for marking centers for compass work
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