iGaging Magnetic LED Magnifying Glass

  • iGaging Magnetic LED Magnifying Glass IG-36-LED-58

    This LED lit-up Magnifying Glass is such an incredible tool

    We don't know about you but a few of us are beginning to get a bit long in the tooth and the attention to detail in this little gadget is bloody incredible. A fully flexible, heavy-duty arm. A compounding magnetised base that will stick to any machine on any angle. A really bright LED light that still hasn't run out of battery in our workshop model. It's amazing.

    Need a clearly lit and magnified viewing area when working? iGaging have developed a premium all-in-one solution. The 83mm-diameter optical grade 4x magnifying lens has a small 20mm-diameter 8x zoom section and, when necessary, 12 bright small LED's can be turned on in the surrounding lens casing to illuminate the area with a nice bright white light to see extra details.

    Flexible Magnifying Glass and Stand LED

    The 250mm-long metal flexible arm can position the head in virtually any position and is held in place using the strong rare-earth magnetic base. A bonus of buying this kit is getting a large and easy-to-read 200mm/8in centring rule that can double as a mobile base for the magnifier or be used on its own.

    $84.90 (inc GST)

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