iGaging EZ-Align Dial Indicator Table Saw Alignment System

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    iGaging EZ-Align Dial Indicator Table Saw Alignment System IG-340928

    iGaging EZ-Align Dial Indicator Saw Alignment System

    Please note: This is only available with metric measurements. The photos shown above are from the previous Imperial model.

    Want to set up your table saw to be perfectly straight? The iGaging EZ-Align Dial Indicator is the easy and affordable solution that will ensure perfect accuracy. This one gauge can be used to test alignment on many tools and machines in a workshop.

    Designed for completing numerous tests in your shop, this dial alignment tool will allow you to test your table saw alignment, fence alignment, saw, router and drill press arbor run out, set jointer knives, saw blade run out and much more.

    The EZ-Align provides accurate measurements on any steel (cast iron) machine with a standard mitre slot. The magnetic mitre bar holds the tool tight against the edge of the mitre slot, while still allowing for sliding movement up and down the mitre slot. Perfect for checking fence alignment to mitre slot or saw blade alignment to the mitre slot. 

    The Dial Indicator Features 3 Scales.

    • Outer Scale .001"
    • Middle Scale 0-1" in 1/64"
    • Inner Scale .010"

    On Table Saw

    • Check blade run-out
    • Check blade to mitre slot parallelism
    • Check fence to mitre slot parallelism

    On Jointer

    • Check and adjust the height of knives
    • Determine and adjust depth of cut

    Easy to use and setup

    Works with table saws and jointers

    Can be used to test alignment on many more machines

    Compatible with any standard mitre slot

    Designed in California


    • Measurement Range Gauge: 0-7"
    • Measurement Range Indicator: 0-1"
    • Repeatability: 0.001"
    • Indicator accuracy: 0.0005"
    • Stainless Steel
    • Mitre bar length: 6"
    • Slider bar length: 9"


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