iGaging Digital Readout for Thicknessers Metric and Imperial DRO

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    iGaging Digital Readout for Thicknessers Metric and Imperial DRO IG-35607

    iGaging Planer Digital Readout (DRO)

    Upgrade your planer to the next level with this digital read out from iGaging. 

    No More Guessing or “Pretty Close”! With the new Digital Planer Readout from IGaging, you’ll be able to accurately plane rough lumber to within 1/100ths of an inch thickness and be able to repeat that exact thickness setting at a later time for subsequent boards.

    • Quickly match board thickness to an existing dado or groove without repetitive test fits.
    • Dial-in the perfect planer depth setting every time to provide the most efficient planer performance.
    • Work in decimal inches, fractions, or millimeters to fit how you work.
    • Use absolute or incremental measuring mode.

    Quickly Attaches to Your DeWalt Planer. The IGaging Digital Readout mounts directly over the existing thickness scale using the same mounting holes and quickly mates the new scale to the old with little fuss. Calibration takes only seconds using our 2-button calibration system and a freshly planed board. The lighted digital display with large characters offers easy readability in any work environment.

    Constructed with precision machined metal parts, the Digital Readout is designed to last for many years with no concerns of fatigue or need to recalibrate. 

    Never worry again about a digital guage that has gone flat. Simply plug the DRO into an external USB device with power out, such as a battery bank. The DRO has a 5 minute time out limit. This means the unit will turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity to save battery power.

    This DRO does not include a planer.


    Easy Installation

    Stainless Steel Scale

    Working in millimeters, inches or fractional

    150mm (6") capacity

    Designed in California


    Measuring Range 150mm (6")
    Power Battery: CR2032 / Micro USB AC power
    Measuring Resolution 0.0005 inch / 0.01mm / 64th inch


    $119.90 (inc GST)

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