Haron Drill Bit Depth-Stop Collar Sets

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    Haron Drill Bit Depth-Stop Collar Sets H-710

    Stop right there! Haron's Drill Bit Depth-Stopper Sets are the best sets in the business

    If you're struggling to keep your drilling depths consistent and accurate then drill depth stops are the easiest and most affordable method. Haron's drill-depth stops are the industry leader because of their solid build and the fact that in one pack, you can pick up all the most commonly available sizes.

    The best part about depth stops is there's no measuring, saving you time, hassle and the worst of all - your own tendency to get distracted and measure the same thing wrong three times (or is that just us?). These stops are also flexible, you can use them in a wide variety of drilling applications without having to stress about the lack of strength or rigidity you suffer with poorly made depth stops.

    They can also be used for jigs!


    • The most common sizes, easily accessible for accurate drilling
    • Simple to use - simply set and forget, no need to measure
    • Screw lock tightening ensures depth stop stays in place and your drilling is as accurate as possible

    The most common dowelling sizes

    Haron's set of 6 drill stops are built around the three common dowelling sizes of 6, 8, & 10mm, as well as helpful and not commonly available sizes such as 5, 12 and 16mm. Their high-quality steel construction and at an affordable price, meaning you will never have to search around for another adjustable drill depth collar as far and wide as your drilling may take you.

    There's a reason all the best hardware retailers choose Haron depth-stops, their ease of use and high-quality build is unsurpassed among the rival depth-stops.


    Material: Steel

    Colour: Black

    Product Dimensions (mm): W:5 H:8 L:16

    Package Dimensions (mm): W:50 H:150 L:10

    Weight: .05g

    $8.50 (inc GST)

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