Glue Titebond II Premium 19L

  • Glue Titebond II Premium 19L TB-510332

    Finally, a glue that can handle the rough stuff!

    Titebond are the industry-standard in professional adhesives for the woodworking industry, but they've stepped it up a notch with the first single-part glue to pass the ANSI Type II water-resistance (soak) test and still hold strong. 

    Why Titebond Premium?

    For applications that require basic weatherproofing including wet conditions, Titebond Ultimate or Premium glues will secure a tight hold. They're designed for exterior use, aren't affected by finishes and have excellent sandability.

    If you're in a sticky situation, you can't go past it. 


    Type Cross-linking polyvinyl acetate
    State Liquid
    Colour Honey Cream
    Dried film Translucent Yellow
    Solids 48%
    Viscosity 4,000 cps
    Storage life 24 months in tightly closed containers at 24°C
    Calculated VOC 3.0 g/L
    Weight per gallon 4.17kg
    Chalk temperature Approximately 13°C
    Flashpoint > 93°C
    Freeze/thaw stability Stable
    pH 3
    $245.00 (inc GST)

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