Glue Boat Storage Container

  • Glue Boat Storage Container UT-45

    Glue Boat Storage Container

    Looking for a solution for all those clogged glue bottles, brushes crusted over and just the all round mess of big glue ups? Well the glue boat is here to solve all your woes.

    This 0.9L glue storage solution keeps your wood glue contained in a gravity fed pool whilst also storing your glue brush (included) sealed so that it doesn't dry out. With the conical cap installed the whole unit is sealed and the glue should not dry.

    No more messy glue bottles and brushes.

    0.9L capacity in a gravity controlled well

    Store brush in the unit to stop it from drying out

    Brush cap can be stored on top of the unit when in use

    No more clogged glue bottles


    Weight (Empty) 330g
    Size 180 x 100 x 180mm
    • Glue well
    • Cap
    • Brush
    • Instructions
    Material Plastic


    $16.90 (inc GST)

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