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    Gent's tools were originally developed for “gentleman's” tool kits, intended for those who wanted good-quality tools for occasional work, but didn't need full-size equipment.

    Sharing the same advanced materials as our dovetail and carcass saws, these gent's saws have a 200mm long high-carbon steel blade that is just 0.38mm thick with 0.08mm of teeth set per side. The 20 tpi rip saw has teeth with a 14° rake angle and a 60° included angle. The teeth on the 22 tpi crosscut saw have a rake angle of 15°, an included angle of 60° and have been filed with alternating 15° bevel angles so that they sever rather than tear wood fibers.

    Both saws have a cut depth of 41mm. For strength and rigidity, the glass and stainless steel-filled polymer spine is molded over the blade and handle stud. The 108mm long bubinga handle is secured with a brass nut.

    Rip 20TPI
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