FWD Hinge Soft-Closing 155-deg Full Overlay

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    FWD Hinge Soft-Closing 155-deg Full Overlay KRD-155

    This economical range of commercial-grade soft-closing European Cabinet Hinges are made to a high-standard for long life and well-priced for discerning cabinetmaking applications.

    To install, drill a minimum 11.3mm-deep, 35mm-diameter hole in the door with the mount plate (sold separately) installed on the cabinet carcass so the hinge is clipped on during installation. The opening angle of this hinge is 155°.

    This particular hinge is known as half overlay which means when the door is closed it covers half the thickness of the carcass its attached to. This makes it ideal where two doors are being attached to the same carcass. 

    These hinges are sold individually and the mount plate (sold separately) needs to be purchased to complete installation. The hinge is recommended to be installed approximately 600mm apart so for standard cabinet doors two are required or more for larger doors as required.

    The soft-closing mechanism makes use a real pleasure after installation.

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