Furniture Levelling Wedge

  • Furniture Levelling Wedge FLW-10520

    We've all put up with rickety tables and chairs for too long!

    Timbecon believes it's about time we all lived in a world where spilt coffee is a thing of the past, which is why we're offering a simple, innovative solution to a perennial problem. Simply slide the furniture levelling wedge underneath the offending table leg and, when stable, snap off the overhanging levels for a perfectly balanced, stable piece of furniture. No more rocking desks, tables or chairs, for a price that can scarcely be believed, let alone ignored.

    These robust wedges measure 105 x 20mm and have eight height options, meaning they're versatile and can work across a huge range of furniture.

    Isn't it time you lost the wobble?

    $0.40 (inc GST)

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