Flex Cuff Connectors

  • Flex Cuff Connectors

    Have you ever seen a more beautiful pair of Flex Cuff Dust Extractor Fittings?

    There's something you don't hear every day.

    Flex Cuffs connect two dust fittings of similar port (OD) size. Two hose clamps form a semi-rigid connection, a reusable alternative to permanent screws or messy tape. The flexible rubber construction conforms to narrow range of sized ports and the clamps nest in moulded grooves for ease of installation. 

    Extractor Fitting Flex Cuff 1/2in 63mm Features

    • Flexible heavy-duty rubber construction for easy repositioning 
    • Unique Sherwood fitting grooves make installation a breeze
    • Moulds perfectly to your dust fittings, creating a hold that is unparalleled in its strength and versatility
    • Carefully designed, measured and tested to ensure perfect fitment every time
    • All our fittings are built to last a long time without any leakage
    • No rough patches, just smooth moulding throughout

    Why do we love these Flex Connectors?

    Rather than being rigid plastic, many of Sherwood's reducers, connectors and other dust extraction fittings are built from a rugged resin construction that flexes rather than cracking - great for being moved around regularly.

    With a heavy-duty design and careful testing all the way through the manufacturing process, we can guarantee these Flex Cuffs will offer incredible service for a lifetime. 


    2 1/2in (63mm) Flex Cuff
    $16.00 (inc GST)
    4in (102mm) Flex Cuff
    $21.00 (inc GST)

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