Fasttrack Knife Sharpener

  • Fasttrack Knife Sharpener

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    This is the first M Power product designed specifically for use in the kitchen. Although we're pretty sure when woodworkers find themselves cooking, they're likely to prefer using knives that have a decent edge. While its not something that would be core to the Timbecon range, we received a prototype from M Power and when using it home, found out how great a product it really is. 

    15 years ago M Power launched a unique lateral stroke sharpener for chisels and plane blades. The name of the product was and is FAST Track - an acronym -


    The KS embraces the FAST Track ethos of a controlled, predictable and repeatable sharpening stroke - No other handheld sharpener does this. Although it's taken 12 years from the first proto type to commercial launch, once you use it you'll think it was worth the wait.

    The FTS KS truly embodies the idea of genuine "knife care". Being the only handheld sharpener in the world that has interchangeable grades of diamond stones and an "on board" real leather strop for finishing that freshly ground edge; but most important is the KS's ability to create and maintain a truly fine edge in seconds.

    Fasttrack Knife Sharpener
    $79.90 (inc GST)

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