FastCap Mitre Saw Sawhood - Pro

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    FastCap Mitre Saw Sawhood - Pro FC-05076

    The Saw Hood was designed by a general contractor to eliminate the catastrophic dust problem created by mitre saws. It sets up in seconds and contains 95% of the dust.

    You will be amazed at how effective this product is. 

    Many of today's mitre saws have little to no dust extraction and even with a dedicated dust extraction system, dust still ends up everywhere. FastCap have decided to tackle this problem head on with their Saw Hoods. 

    The Saw Hood Pro is identical in function to the Saw Hood but is made out of spring steel so it can fit into a compact bag. If space is an issue, this is the tool for you.

    The sawhood pro that fits on any mitre saw in a fixed location. It’s rugged and effective, the perfect application for capturing all the dust in a production environment or home shop.

    The design of this allows for it to be easily taken down and stored when not in use.

    Mounting to the hold down holes in the back of your saw’s wings, the hood is fixed and should remain sturdy during use. 

    This is the saw hood you want if you are moving from site to site or need to pack it away often.

    Does not include saw, fences or sawstand.

    $479.00 (inc GST)

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