FastCap Drawer Slide Pro Installation Jig

  • FastCap Drawer Slide Pro Installation Jig FC-02257

    Install Drawers Hands-Free. You think we're joking, don't you?

    The Slide Pro is a fast, hands free installation system for any drawer slide. Install a whole set of slides at once, instead of one at a time! Not only that but you can work on one side and then when you go to the other it will match exactly, no measuring, no adjustments - just time-saving installs that are level with the base every time.

    Use the adjustment shelves to align with the cabinet railings, then tighten the tension knobs to hold in place, and install the drawer slides to the perfect height every time. Its durability and accurate measurements make it great in the shop and out on the job for any cabinet drawer installations.  


    • Measuring tower for quick install
    • Adjustable shelf-system
    • Tension knobs that are actually easy to wind
    • Works across framed and modular cabinets as well
    • Fantastic for retrofitting, even in difficult timber
    • Undermounts drawer slides very easily

    The maximum height for installation of slides is 680mm (26.75in). Please note this jig is in imperial not metric.

    $199.00 (inc GST)

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