Fastcap 3rd Hand Dust Barrier

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    Fastcap 3rd Hand Dust Barrier

    Woodworking Work Shop Dust Barriers - Fastcap's Third Hand!

    One of the most exciting applications of the Third Hand family is the ability to create instant dust barriers. To call these barriers makeshift is wrong because you can create fully-sealed enclosures with the Third Hand Dust Barriers that are quick and easy to setup, easy to use and will keep your customers, wife or husband happy from making a mess in the rest of the house.

    The magnetic dust barrier door measures 1090 x 2160mm so it will suit most standard and oversized single width doors. Simply walk through the door and let the magnets snap the door shut behind you to keep the dust from spreading outside your workspace.

    If you already have a pair of 3rd Hands then you will just need the Mag Dust Barrier Door Kit which includes - 

    - One top rail
    - One mag dust door
    - One carrying bag
    - Ten magnetic strips

    If you are starting from scratch the Mag Dust Barrier Door System includes everything you need to get started including - 

    - Two Third Hands
    - One top rail
    - One mag dust door
    - Two carrying bags (for Third Hand and Mag Dust Barrier Door)
    - Ten magnetic strips
    - Two dust barrier feet

    A sealed plastic sheeting dust barrier

    Also available separately are Light Duty 3rd Hands. These are used to create a sealed dust barrier by holding plastic sheeting in place (not included) with the included mag dust barrier feet around a part of the room. 

    They are produced from sturdy aluminium and all you do is push them to the ceiling, twist and lock in place. They also have micro-adjustable feet for fine adjustment. At only 680g each, they weigh next to nothing and are perfect for holding plastic sheeting to create dust barriers. Suitable for only up to 9kg (20lb) capacity.

    If you are starting from scratch you should buy either the 3rd Hand Twin Pack or Two-Piece System available separately here.

    Mag Dust Barrier Door Kit
    $185.00 November Sale! (inc GST)
    RRP: $210.00
    Spare Mag Dust Barrier Feet
    $7.90 November Sale! (inc GST)

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