Fastcap 3 Way Edge Banding Spring Clamp

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    Fastcap 3 Way Edge Banding Spring Clamp

    Fastcap 3 Way Edge Banding, Capping and Trim-Taping Clamp

    A clamp with three directions of pressure, rather than the standard two, is exactly the sort of simple - bloody hell, why didn't we think of that - brilliance we've come to expect from the world's greatest trade tool manufacturers.


    • Non-marring rubber tips
    • Spring clamp and edge clamp in one
    • 14kg of clamping pressure
    • Fantastic for all edge banding
    • Solid and reliable as an all purpose clamp
    • Straight lines with no hassle whatsoever

    The best clamp on the market for edge banding

    Edge banding and capping isn't always easy to install and taping the trim in place doesn't always provide the pressure needed for bonding edging. FastCap's solution is the 3-Way Clamp.

    They've combined the usual spring clamp with an additional spring that applies a third direction of pressure. With approximately 14kg of clamping pressure, the 3-Way Clamp can provide a better bond than tape alone.


    3-Way Edge Clamp Each
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