Below are a number of very popular questions answered. Other Terms & Conditions can be found here that may answer more questions.

  • Do you have a shop that I can visit or are you online only?

Timbecon began as a retail store before the internet was even around and we have two stores – one in Perth and in Melbourne. These are open to the general public and both carry our full range. They are air-conditioned so are comfortable to visit all-year round. We also have friendly sales staff that are happy to help everyone from beginners to pro’s. The Melbourne store even has a shop dog called Freddy who is super-friendly! You can find the opening and direct store contact details on our Contact Us page.

  • I can’t log in to the website

You do not need an account to make a purchase online with us for the first time. When you make your first purchase on the website, an account is automatically created with the username being the email address you used on that order and an automatically-generated password that will be emailed to you for future use. You can these details to login and your order history and address details are saved to make it quicker/easier to check out in the future.

  • I’ve forgotten my password

If you attempt to enter your password three times, your account is automatically locked as a safety precaution. Clicking on the Reset Password button will unlock the account AND send a new password to the email address you have entered. If you do not receive this email then it means that no account is registered under the entered email address. In this situation we recommend proceeding as a new customer through the checkout to complete your order.

  • I need to change my email address

You can do this by logging in to your Account and then click on the Account Settings button. There is a tab called Account Settings that you need to click on and can then enter the new email address and press the Confirm Changes button.

  • It won’t accept my gift voucher

Unfortunately shop-bought gift vouchers cannot be used for website purchases at this stage. We hope to have this fixed in the future but in the mean time we recommend placing your order over the phone (1300 880 996) to provide the gift voucher code to be used on a purchase.

Frequent Shopper Vouchers can be used on the website. Enter the emailed voucher code into the Coupon Code field on the View Cart screen.

  • The cart will not accept my suburb/postcode

Please ensure that you have selected Australia (if you are from Australia) as the country to ship to. Once you have done this, go to the suburb field and start typing your suburb in. A dropbox box will appear and you will be able to choose your suburb/state/postcode combination. This will prefill the remaining two fields for your address. This information is provided by Australia Post and is automatically updated continuously.

  • What if I say no to insurance?

Insurance covers any issues of loss and/or damage once your order leaves our facilities. It is calculated as 2% of the value of goods. We HIGHLY recommend that you insure your shipment. If you choose not to insure your shipment then you will be responsible for making any claim against the freight companies we use for any issues with your shipment and Timbecon cannot be held liable. For a relatively small cost compared to the cover gained, it is very highly recommended.

  • The product I want is out of stock - how can I order it?

If a product is out of stock, you can either email us and we will advise you once its available to order, or you can call us (1300 880 996) and we can process the order and payment and ship it as soon as the item arrives back in stock.

  • I got to the end of the order and it wouldn’t let me finalise at the checkout

You should always be taken to an order confirmation page when completing the checkout process with an email confirming the order shortly thereafter (allow up to five minutes to receive). If you are unsure the order was successfully placed or find that there is an issue with it, please contact us immediately via email or phone (1300 880 996) and we will do our best to resolve the issue quickly.

  • I need my order urgently

All website orders are processed in the chronological order received. If you need the order dispatched urgently, please call us and place the order over the phone and advise us that it is urgent. The customer service person on the phone will pick your order and deliver to dispatch so they can process it same-day without delaying our other customer’s orders.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

For in-store purchases we accept Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay and Cash.

For mail-order shipments we accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards over the phone and on the website, as well as PayPal and Oxipay online.

We offer Oxipay and Interest-Free to instore and online approved customers but neither method is instantaneous.

We will also accept bank deposits and cheques and will release goods once cleared funds reach our accounts for either of these methods.

  • I can’t hear your presenter on your YouTube videos.

All videos are designed to be listened to on laptop stereo or external desktop speakers and/or headphones. In-built desktop speakers rarely work loud enough to hear the videos correctly.