Faceshield - Standard

  • Faceshield - Standard

    Maxisafe incredible value Face Shield Visor with chin protection and ratchet adjustments

    Maxisafe's standard visor shows the brand have really explicated the design behind the standard face shield to the fullest possible extent. In fact, we'd go as far as to say that Maxisafe make the two best value face shield visors on the Australian market because not only is it cost effective, it is so well-built and tested that peace of mind doesn't even begin to describe how safe you feel wearing this visor. Feeling safe in your workshop doesn't have to be some outre idea or prohibitively expensive. It just takes a brand that knows what they're doing...

    The Maxisafe Face Shield Visor Features  

    • Ratchet adjustable head gear
    • Replaceable polycarbonate visor and chinguard
    • Full range of replaceable parts and visors available
    • Quick lock clips for quick and easy visor replacement
    • Protection from fluid splash, particles & dust
    • Complies with AS/NZ 1337.1.2010
    • Assembled faceshield with clear lens which is also available separately

    A protective face shield with chin protection that's comfortable and scratch resistant

    We also sell Maxisafe's High Impact Face Shield Visor, which offers that extra level of protection, but this model is certainly no slouch - it applies to the phenomenally tough Australian standards and will happily protect your face against all the nasty everyday woodworking mishaps that happen. The other thing you really want in a comprehensive, high-quality face shield is one that's comfortable to wear, doesn't make you blind because of easily-scratched or worn material, and protects your chin! Why don't more companies think of the chin when they're designing these things? Since when is the chin any less painful to cop a flying shard of wood than a cheek?

    You get the idea, we've stocked a few of these over the years and Maxisafe - a really trusted brand in this area - are by far the best on the market. 

    Faceshield Assembly
    $39.90 (inc GST)
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    Replacement Visor
    $17.90 (inc GST)

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