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  • The Airshield works by circulating a contstant flow of air over the operator's face. It can flow 140-180 litres per minute to the user through the dual filtration system. It not only increases protection to the user but also reduces running costs by increasing the life of the main filter. The pre filter consists of an open mesh static material that attracts the dust over a large area. It is powered by a NiCd battery that can last for up to four hours.

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  • Unlike other powered respirators, this respirator does not cover the whole head - something users of full-face masks complain of. It has a simple power pack which attaches to the waist and feeds the power up to the respirator itself. Inside the respirator is a small motor that runs a fan that circulates air around the mask. The mask itself is made of a soft malleable plastic and is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time with two generous headstraps to hold it in place.

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