Dust Extractor Pleated Filter Cartridges

  • Dust Extractor Pleated Filter Cartridges

    Cloth dust extractor bags will filter down to 30 microns and even needle felt filter bags will only filter down to 10 microns – creating a puff of fine dust every time you turn your machine on as well as cycling very fine particles through the bag in use.

    We recommend the fitment of a pleated filter cartridge. These filters will clean the air cycling through down to 1 micron and with the pleated filter configuration increase the filtering surface area up to seven times than a standard bag ensuring there is no loss of efficiency that comes with finer filtration.

    Built in is a handle at the top for turning an internal brush that knocks the trapped fine particles down into the collection bag underneath. When used for more than 4 hours its recommended to clean the inside of the filter by turning the brush.

    We recommend that the PFC-2610 be used for the FM-300 dust extractor and two can also be used for the FM-400 extractor. Using the PFC-2610 on the DC-1750 and DC-2900 extractors will reduce their air flow and efficiency.

    We recommend that the PFC-21220 be used on the FM-400 as well as DC-1750 & DC-2900 as this will not impede air flow on any of these machines.

    Suits 1HP units 370x610mm
    $219.00 (inc GST)
    Suits 2HP units 500x610mm
    $265.00 (inc GST)
    Suits 2 or 3HP units 500x1220mm
    $339.00 (inc GST)

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