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  • 1HP Dust Extractor

    An economical dust extractor for small home workshop use. It has a 1hp motor which is capable of drawing up to 600cfm. The filter bag can filter down to 35 microns of fine dust. The collection bag size is 370mm (diameter) x 650mm (deep). It has one 4in dust outlet. This extractor has found its way into thousands of workshops around Australia - due to its great value-for-money and reliability. WHILE STOCK LASTS!

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    From $219.00 (inc GST)
  • 2HP Dust Extractor FM-300

    A great value-for-money extractor for home workshop use. It has a 2hp motor that is rated to flow up to 1200cfm. It comes with nylon filter and collection bags which can filter down to 15 microns. The collection bag measures 560mm (diameter) and 850mm (deep). It has a single 5in dust outlet with a twin 4in Y-piece supplied. An ideal addition to the workshop with the specifications to suit just about any home workshop application - even when used with large planers. Rated to flow 650cfm. WHILE S

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    $369.00 (inc GST)
  • 2HP Industrial Dust Extractor DC-1750

    $779.00 (inc GST)
  • 3HP Dust Extractor FM-400

    This extractor is a great low cost option in a workshop where several machines need to be extracted at one time. It has a 3hp motor that is rated to flow up to 1900cfm. It is set-up with twin nylon collection and filter bags (which can filter down to 15 microns). Each collection bag measures 690mm (diameter) and 1150mm (deep). Because of two collection bags, downtime is greatly reduced because of double collection capacity. It has a single 6in outlet with a triple 4in outlet supplied.

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    $535.00 (inc GST)
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  • 3HP Industrial Dust Extractor DC-2900

    $1,199.00 (inc GST)
  • Air Filter Room Cleaner 1000CFM

    This filter has a 190W motor and is capable of cleaning 1000cfm (7400cuft) of air, or suitable for a workshop with a volume of 200m3. The kit includes a remote control handpiece that can turn the filter on and off and also set the built-in timer to run for a certain amount of time. There is still dust in your workshop when you've finished working - so for best results, run the filter on the 2 hour timer after leaving the workshop. The filter measures 610 x 750 x 310mm (W x D x H).

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    From $399.00 (inc GST)
  • Compact Dust Extractor

    From $179.00 (inc GST)
  • Dust Extractor Dust Cyclone Kit MDCK-200

    $249.00 (inc GST)
  • Dust Extractor Pleated Filter Cartridges

    Most standard bags will only filter 30 microns, or even a needle felt bag down to 10 microns at best. There are two options to solve the problem of getting dust out of the air – either invest in an air cleaning filter, or add a pleated filter cartridge to your extractor. These cartridges filter down to 1micron dust particles out of the air so it easily removes dust of any dangerous size that can do harm to your health.

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    From $219.00 (inc GST)
  • Extractor Needle Felt Filter Bags

    From $24.90 (inc GST)
  • Vacuum Mini Dust Cyclone Kit MDCK-100

    $89.00 (inc GST)
    Out of Stock
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