Economy Tungsten Carving Disc

  • Economy Tungsten Carving Disc D-100

    A brilliant, totally affordable tungsten carbide angle grinding sanding and carving disc

    Got a one-off job or occasional need for wood sculpting with an angle grinder? This economical tungsten impregnated steel disc fits virtually any 4in or 4 ½in angle grinder and is great for general stock removal on virtually any timber. With tungsten carbide flakes, this disc is less aggressive than other discs.

    Suits almost all 4in grinders. Arbor size 22mm with bush supplied down to 16mm for standard 4in angle grinders.

    Tungsten Carving and Sanding Angle Grinder Disc Features

    • Universal 4inch angle grinder fitment
    • Really high quality tungsten carbide coating
    • Thousands of razor sharp sculpting points
    • Perfect for sanding and carving wood
    • Easilly controlled, less aggressive and more powerful all in one

    Why do we love this Carving Disc with Tungsten (100mm 4in)?

    Given how expensive angle grinding attachments can get, it's so refreshing that Baladonia have released a truly exceptional, razor sharp, less aggressive and highly durable sanding and carving disc that's perfect for beginners as the tungsten carbide allows more efficient, smoother and easier controlled operation. We've found it very suitable for curved work in our workshop.

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