Eclipse Coping Saw

  • Eclipse Coping Saw

    Eclipse Traditional Coping Saws are renowned for their quality

    Coping saws are great for cutting and shaping curved timber work pieces. You can also drill a small hole and pass the blade through for cutting out internal shapes. The blade can be positioned at any angle to the frame to expand its usefulness. Everyone knows that coping saws are fantastic for those turning, tight cuts. But the problem many saws on the market face is the flimsy design of that blade, which as it's stressed by that frame, is bound to cause problems later.

    Why an Eclipse Coping Saw?

    Eclipse saws fix that problem by carefully strengthening the blade throughout the design and manufacture process, with a better spigot mechanism than practically any other coping saw on the market. Their attention to detail is why Eclipse are masters of the hand-saw game, and why they're renowned industry-wide as a saw that's well-made, sturdy and will last a lifetime. Every saw comes with a comfortable lacquered wooden handle. 


    Blade length is 165mm with overall saw length 317mm. The height is 130mm. 

    Coping Saw
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