Easy Chuck Easy Stepped Dovetail Jaws - 88mm (3-1/2?)

  • Easy Chuck Easy Stepped Dovetail Jaws - 88mm (3-1/2?) EWTCJ-450

    Easy Wood Tools 88mm (3-1/2”) Easy Stepped Dovetail Scroll Chuck Jaws.

    Optional jaws for the Easy Chuck. The dovetail jaws grip tenons at 64mm (2-3/8”), 76 (3”) and 88mm (3-1/2”) and expand in mortises at 108mm (4-1/4") + with a jaw length of 25mm (1").

    Changing the jaws on the on the Easy Chuck™ is effortless. With Easy Wood’s patented technology there’s no fumbling with screws, no special sequence therefor no time wasted and you’re back turning in no time.

    Use the simple ball and hex key to depresses the keeper latch and slide your Easy Stepped Dovetail Jaws into your Easy Chuck™ (sold separately). Listen for the snap and the jaw is locked into position and ready to use in 30 seconds or less.

    For use exclusively on: Easy Chuck™

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