Drive90 Angle Driver

  • Drive90 Angle Driver

    May Special!

    Buy the Milescraft Drive90 and get the MC-2370 Metal Stubby Set valued at $29.90 for $1.00 more! Order code MC-7316 below.

    The Toughest Small Right Angle Driver You Can Buy. It's a tool. not a toy!

    The Milescraft® Drive90™ is a right-angle drill drive attachment, featuring a magnetic 1/4in hex socket. This standard size hex input shaft accepts and holds all standard 1/4in driver bits and will fit any drill. The Drive90™ includes 3 of the most common bits: the #2 straight; the #2 Phillips; and #2 square head and a BONUS 1/8 inch StubbyBit™. 

    It also features a compact head design, ideal for close-quarter driving. The gears are housed in a die-cast zinc body, providing durability, high performance and perform a strong maximum 100 inch/pounds of torque at 400RPM, when used as intended. The drill drive includes an ergonomic positioning handle for safety and comfort during use. 

    * Intended only for driving screws or drilling very small holes with power drills operating at a maximum of 400 rpm.  The Drive90™ should not be used in wood drilling applications with bits larger than 3/8" or in metal drilling applications with bits larger than 5/16", any size hole saw cutters and/or any size auger style bits.

    Drive90 Only
    $39.90 (inc GST)
    Drive90 & Stubby Set Special
    $39.90 (inc GST)

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