Drill Press Easy Riser Kit

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    Drill Press Easy Riser Kit ERK-100

    Remove your rack! An easy, cheap and affordable Drill Press enhancement.

    We designed this system in house to fix one of the most arduous and annoying little parts of our day and it soon became a global sensation. Funny what a few woodworkers standing around the workshop can accomplish when they put their mind to it, isn't it?

    Have you ever been frustrated by the slow and tedious winding of your drill press table? 'Yes!' you say?

    The answer is finally here and it's so simple we can only wonder why no one has ever thought of it before! Remove your rack and experience the freedom of adjusting your table freehand without it catching when you're swinging it out of the way. 

    You install the counter-weight down the post of your drill press and install the two pulleys (one in the head, the other on the table), anchor it back to your motor mount and viola - it allows for smooth, quick and easy adjustment vertically and positioning laterally without the rack getting in the way. Then just clamp it in position like you normally would. 

    It becomes so simple (and a little bit fun) after an easy installation process that you'll wonder why you ever put up with the perpetual ennui of drill press adjustment.


    It works on virtually any fixed head drill press with minimal modification. The diameter of the counter-weight is 49.5mm and the length is 250mm. Watch our video (far out we've come a long way) for detailed set-up instructions.


    "The price of the Easy Riser is a lot less than many other drill press 'upgrades' available on the market. It is certainly a very unique and interesting upgrade to make to a drill press, and in my opinion, is worth every dollar of the asking price."

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