Dovetail Markers

  • Dovetail Markers

    For quick, accurate marking of dovetails, a dovetail marker is the best tool available.

    With riding ledges on both sides, these 50.8mm2 markers can be flipped over to mark both slopes of the dovetail. They are designed so that the entire ledge is riding on the reference face, even when marking edge dovetails. The relieved corners at the join of the body and the riding ledges ensure perfect seating even on saw whiskers.

    Available as a set in the traditional ratios of 1:6 for softwood and 1:8 for hardwood, they are colour coded to indicate slope and avoid error. The 14° marker is designed to approximate a 1:4 ratio, for those who prefer this angle when working in thinner stock, as it not only provides stronger material interlock than traditional ratio angles but produces a slightly exaggerated dovetail joint that many find attractive.

    Made from anodized aluminum, these markers are light, durable, and never soil your work.

    Pack Of Two
    $31.90 (inc GST)
    14? Angle Only
    $16.90 (inc GST)

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