Diamond Parting Tools - M2 HSS

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    Diamond Parting Tools - M2 HSS

    Parting tools cut parallel-sided grooves into your work piece. They are suitable for use in marking beads on the work piece, or separating a work piece from its waste mounted in the chuck to make removal easier once removed from the lathe.

    Diamond parting tools are a relatively recent development. The diamond shape provides a reduced chance of the parting tool jamming when in use as the full edge is not in contact with the timber, allowing movement. 

    Handle length = 200mm
    Blade length 3mm = 150mm
    Blade length 5mm = 165mm

    About Crown Woodturning Tools

    Crown high-speed steel (HSS) woodturning tools have rapidly become the favourite brand of many discerning woodturners worldwide. Made from M2 HSS (Rockwell hardened Rc62/64) and fitted with ergonomically designed stained Beech handles with heavy-duty brass ferrules, these tools are beautifully effective, giving up to six times the life of traditional carbon steel chisels. The variety of profiles are among the largest available from any manufacturer and include many unique tools which have been developed in conjunction with internationally recognised and awarded woodturners such as David Ellsworth, Alan Beecham, David Hout, Bill Jones and David Springett.

    As with all Crown Tools - each chisel is inspected against relevant criteria prior to leaving the factory to ensure that you get high-quality tool. The flutes are well-polished so the cutting edge is superior to most other brands on the market. The join of the blade to the handle is pressure tested to ensure the blade will never split from the handle and each blade is hardness tested along the full length of the chisel to ensure the correct hardness is found throughout the blade, greatly reducing the chance of the blade snapping under duress.

    These quality controls also means that Crown are one of the few brands in the world where the chisel can be used over the full length of the blade.

    Buying Crown means you are buying one of the best quality turning tools in Australia.

    3mm Handled
    $68.00 Clearance! (inc GST)
    RRP: $85.00
    5mm Handled
    $76.00 Clearance! (inc GST)
    RRP: $95.00

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