Cranked Paring Chisel Set of 4

  • Cranked Paring Chisel Set of 4 LBCK-4-CN

    Captivating chiselling completed comfortably

    Who said chiselling couldn't be sexy? With this luxurious set of rare-Bubinga handled cranked-neck chisels, you (and your projects) will have never looked better.

    With a reputation for sterling quality and innovative design, Luban are quickly building a fantastic reputation within the Australian woodworking industry.

    These cranked-neck chisels are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, meaning you and the hardened CRV steel blade will never just ‘scrape through’. 

    Why Luban Cranked-Neck Chisels?

    For a little more substance behind the style; the angle of cranked-neck chisels make them a fantastic planning alternative for accessing tight areas on builds and scraping flat surfaces in hard-to-get spaces. 

    With a smart crossover design, a Luban four-piece set makes removing glue or excess paint and trimming dowels or pegs a stress-free operation. 

    Luban take accessibility to the next level, with their compact build ensuring they’re some of the most useful chisels on the market. 


    • Four sizes
    • CRV (Chrome Vanadium) stainless steel blades
    • RC59-63 hardened
    • Rare bubinga-wood handles

    Which chisels are right for me?

    If you’re regularly scraping excess or working on fragile surfaces like veneers, you already know what a time-consuming and fraught process it can be. Just trying to access the centre of a workpiece with a novel chisel can be impossible. 

    Cranked neck chisels can provide an excellent, cost-effective and easy solution to these problems, making them a necessary weapon in any woodworker’s arsenal. In providing a stylish twist to a banal problem, Luban have made the ordinary just that little bit extraordinary. 

    It’s time you brought a touch of flair back to the garden shed. Stay classy, woodworkers.

    $179.00 (inc GST)

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