Pendulum 19mm Quartz Movement

  • Pendulum 19mm Quartz Movement

    This is our most popular line of American made pendulum movements. They are the industry standard for manufacturers, hobbyists and repair centres. Drives up to a 406mm (16in) pendulum with a 51mm (2in) disc.

    These movements still use the same standard hour, minute and sweep hands. If you're making your own clock face you can also choose from our self-adhesive Numeral Sets range. 

    The measurement listed here (19mm) denotes the thickness of material the movement can pass through, so the threaded section is slightly longer to allow for the fitment of the included rubber and brass washers as well as the brass nut to fix it to the face.

    Movement Only
    $41.00 (inc GST)
    16in x 2 3/4in Rod & Pendulum
    $8.50 (inc GST)

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