Hi Vice Hardware Kit

  • Hi Vice Hardware Kit

    It fills a niche you may not have realised you have

    Benchcrafted have taken the traditional french vice, or etaux if you're a francophile, and taken a modern spin on its hardware to create something truly special. It's an innovative, modern yet sturdy and hugely reliable design that will save time, money and hassle in your workshop. Make vices a pleasure? Benchcrafted can.


    • Crisscross mechanism ensures smooth, light chop movement 
    • Precision-rolled acme screw
    • V-groove sliding handle 
    • Spring plunger allows easy disengagement
    • Smooth machine finish
    • Black oxide prevents rust and ages to a beautiful patina

    Why a Benchcrafted Hi Vice kit?

    Once you have a leg vice with jaws that extend above the surface or your bench (unlike a typical face vice) you can hold all manner of work that break the typical shape of a flat board. This allows you to hold curved chair parts with ease, and more importantly, gain easy access to that part for working with hand tools such as spokeshaves.

    Another application is tweaking through mortises or paring end grain. Getting the work raised up to chest height allows you to use your whole body for power, while maintaining excellent control. Cutting small dovetails on small drawer parts is also a great task for the Hi Vice. It also excels for sculptural work involving carving, rasp or file work.

    Hi Vice Hardware Kit
    $399.00 (inc GST)
    Hi Vice & Mounting Screw Kit
    $549.00 (inc GST)
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