Toggle Clamp Micro-Pads

  • Toggle Clamp Micro-Pads TCACP

    Standard toggle clamps come with rubber bullet heads which are fine for most general work but when you need to ensure there is no damage to the work piece and a wider footprint for better workholding is needed, get these micro-adjustable pad upgrades. Coming as a pack of two - the heads are 35mm with the force being evenly distributed around the perimeter of the pad, rather than in the centre of the head like the standard bullet heads.

    It also has a brass wing-nut for quick shaft release and a knurled brass knob on the end for easier grip to turn it slightly to finetune the clamping pressure. 

    Suitable for use with the smaller TCH-01 and TCV-01 toggle clamps.

    $14.90 (inc GST)

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