Alloy Bench Stop

  • Alloy Bench Stop MJ-815

     Ever used your own bench dog or peg to hold a work piece and while clamping it up or working on it the work piece has popped out of being held? Never worry about this again with this nifty little bench stop. Simply cut a 38 x 60mm rebate into your work table top and fix this bench stop in place. The thumbscrew at the top winds out of its flush mounting position (so its not in the way when you don't need it) to rise up and work as a positive stop for all work pieces.

    The teeth cast into the end of the stop bed themselves securely against the work piece to make sure that it is held in place every time. Great to use in conjunction with your woodworking vice's built-in stop to adjust clamping pressure as required. 

    $9.90 (inc GST)

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