CenterFinder Metric

  • CenterFinder Metric MC-8458

    Mark perfectly centered or offset lines.

    Quickly and accurately mark the centre of boards up to 38mm thick. CenterFinder straddles your board to mark a perfectly centered line along the face or edge of boards. Insert the pencil into the center hole, rotate the tool so the guide posts contact the material, then scribe. For marking offsets use the CenterFinder on one the flat sides and select your offset. Use the pencil in the offset notches to mark or draw your line.

    • Center hole holds the pencil in a perfectly centered position as you scribe your line
    • Offsets range from 1mm to 20mm”, in 2mm increments
    • Notches for offset marking let you scribe off-center lines
    • Rare Earth magnet allows for easy storage on any metal surface
    • Built-in #2 pencil storage, so you’ll never lose your pencil
    $9.90 (inc GST)

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