Extreme Flat Sanding Discs

  • Extreme Flat Sanding Discs

    When compared to the fully-rounded Dish Wheels, the Sanding Discs have a semi-flat surface, which allows you to effortlessly level high spots, or adjust uneven surfaces. Despite their relatively flat shape, the slight curvature will allow for controlled free-hand, flat, or convex shaping.

    Kutzall Extreme is the most aggressive coating, for when you need to remove a lot, in a hurry! The aggressive teeth on the Extreme coating are openly spaced, for fast cuts, with minimal loading and clogging, reducing time spent cleaning.

    These discs will also fit on standard 4in angle grinders and need a saw bush to adapt to fit. Go to our saw blade bush pageand select the CSBB-222159.

    Check out Jory Brigham bring a side table to a purely beautiful creation with on of the Kutzall Extreme Dish Wheels!

    Very Coarse (Black)
    $129.00 (inc GST)
    Coarse (Blue)
    $129.00 (inc GST)
    Medium (Green)
    $129.00 (inc GST)
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