Carpenter's Square Fence

  • Carpenter's Square Fence 05-N-5401

    A carpenter's square is frequently needed just because of its size. The key disadvantage of such a square (its lack of a supporting fence ledge) can now be eliminated using a Veritas square fence.

    The 203mm long anodized aluminum extrusion can be readily attached to either the stock or blade of your square (depending upon intended use) with the two integral brass screws. The face of the square fence aligns with the edge of the work piece while the weight of the framing square rests on the material.

    One side offers a 25.4mm high face. Flipping it over, the opposite side has a 6.4mm face, letting you use it on work pieces this thin without having to slide them to the edge of your workbench. Its purposeful shape not only acts as a versatile fence, but also gives your framing square a handle, hugely increasing its utility. Ideal for use on round-edge material and sheet stock. 

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