Bench Top Zip-Bolt Connectors

  • Bench Top Zip-Bolt Connectors

    The fastest and easiest way of joining work /counter tops in a matter of seconds! The ZIPBOLT connector is a new practical and innovative solution that saves time and money in assembling work / counter tops and panels. It works similarly to a standard bench-top connector in needing two cavities (usually created with a 35mm cabinet hinge boring bit) and a connecting channel but rather than having to fumble with spanners, simply insert a 1/4in hex-drive head into the head of the Zip-bolt and turn to tighten.

    Available in three lengths for virtually any application, it will create strong, impregnable life-time joints in a matter of seconds.

    81mm Long
    $1.95 (inc GST)
    114mm Long
    $2.20 (inc GST)
    165mm Long
    $2.60 (inc GST)

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