Next Wave Automation

Next Wave Automation is literally one of those businesses you read about that started out in a garage.

After Founder / CEO Tim Owens left his job as an engineer with G.M. he began looking for ways to get by financially until he found another job. Having always been fascinated by technology and computers in particular, he created his first home built CNC and placed it on Ebay. It sold quickly and he made another and it sold as well.

The history of CNC Machines

After listening to what his customers were looking for he began his search on how to make affordable CNC's and NextWave Automation was born. Now NextWave Automation's products have been shipped around the world and giving people who could not afford CNCs before access to them.

With an emphasis on making sure the barriers of skill and knowledge are as low as possible when purchasing and using a CNC - NextWave products are 100% manufactured in the USA using only the finest quality components to ensure that there is minimal setup, minimal ongoing servicing and maximum reliability.

All CNCs come with the Vectric CNC operating software included in the price and due to the integrations make it as simple as possible to get started using your CNC within hours of receiving it. 

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