Record Of Innovation

Milescraft® has a remarkable history of innovative product development. It all started in 2002 and each year since, Milescraft® has released several new and exciting products that stand out as innovative project solutions. Considering the awards and recognition from various media and industry groups, they are confident that the history speaks for itself.

The Tradition Continues

Proudly engineered in the USA, every Milescraft® tool is developed and manufactured with the user in mind at every step. Make elegant wooden signs with confidence, drive screws in awkward spaces, install new doors in your home, drill precise holes or build cabinets. Whatever the project, Milescraft® solutions are here to help you complete your projects quickly and accurately.

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  • Create beautiful designs with the SpiroCrafter and elegant inlays with the Inlay Kit

    The user manual contains 25 design ideas, plus instructions on the best way to create your own designs. Multiple sizes of common inlay shapes are also included. The pencil guide and pencil duplicate the cutting path of the router allowing you to practice your designs before cutting the project material.  

    Kit includes: TurnLock™ Base Plate, 3 TurnLock™ Bushings, Centering pin, 6.4mm V-Groove and 3.2mm spiral router bits, Template base, 4 Templates, Pencil Guide, Pencil, Mounting Screws, and Manual.

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  • Depth Gauge MC-8601

    •        Durable metal scale measures in inches or millimeters

    •        Thumb lever for easy lock and release of scale

    •        Wide base with large feet

    •        Straddles most table saw throats for measuring while adjusting

    •        Self-standing - Allows a depth to be set while bringing the blade or bit up to the desired level

    •        Large scale markers and view finder - Easily viewed for accurate adjustments

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  • Dowel Jig Kit MC-1359
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  • DrillBlock ™ allows you to drill straight holes every time. The inserted solid metal guide offers the six common drill diameters: 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. It is held at a tight tolerance and allows you to drill a hole 90 degrees to any surface with the two v-grooves that allow for use on corners and even cylindrical surfaces too.

    The centre lines ensure accurate alignment. The non-slip padding holds the DrillBlock™ in place while preventing both slipping and marring. Ergonomic handy design fits into the hands with ease.

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  • Exactor MC-8406
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  • Even Novice Woodworkers Can Make Professional-Calibre Doweled Joints

    The JointPro™ quickly and accurately creates strong dowelled joints. The interchangeable hardened steel bushing blocks allow you to drill up to six matching holes per setup.

    The self-clamping jig securely holds work pieces in place as you drill as it includes two detachable clamps allowing for horizontal or vertical positioning. It also includes non-slip pads that prevent both slipping and marring. 

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  • KneeBlades MC-1603
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  • A simple yet effective tool for trimming up laminate edges once edge banding has been applied. Simply hold the laminate trimmer at a comfortable angle and pull towards you to shave the edging from the board for a clean, neat edge that is finished and ready to go.


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  • Push Stick MC-3404

    This deluxe kit includes the very comfortable-to-use Milescraft push stick with bonus depth gauge and Docking Station that keeps the stick, depth gauge and marking pencils close at hand. The magnets built into the Docking Station holds it securely in place for easy access.

    The extra tall handle is tilted inward, away from the saw blade, automatically moving it further from potential danger. The low profile rear foot hooks over back of material and the bottom of the PushStick is covered in a soft, high-traction polymer coating that prevents slipping and scratching the surface.

    We have been using this push stick for some time now and find that it is definitely the easiest and safest push stick option for table saws and router tables. We even used it on some very short, small section timber on the jointer and it did the job very well. We would highly recommend the extra $$$ as it is easy to use and with the Docking Station easy to store and get access to when needed.

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  • Use your router to convert almost any kind of art into a stunning reproduction in wood

    Using a variety of router bits, you can create carvings from 2D templates and 3D models.  Five font stencils and several classic line drawings are provided, or develop your own using anything from colouring books to art printed from your computer.

    Mounts to any router with a 6in or smaller base. Template can be up to 610x305mm in size.  Frame is adjustable to produce a finished product 40%, 50% or 60% the size of the source material, with height ranging from 81 – 122mm and unlimited length. Frame is made from high impact styrene resin, providing both strength and light weight.

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  • Simultaneously countersink or counterbore screw pilot holes with this handy little drill set.

    - Four piece set includes bits for drilling pilot holes for screw sizes #6, #8, #10, and #12
    - Special designed steel sleeve countersinks or counterbores pilot hole
    - Adjustable counter sleeve depth with allen key wrench
    - Standard 1/4in hex shank is quick change compatible
    - TiN coated brad point pilot drill bits (#6 bit is not brad point)

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  • The time-tested, user-proven technique and standard of tools for creating professional grade signs.

    At the core of the Milescraft® SignMaking Kits is TurnLock™ technology and the adjustable clamping system that helps you create professional looking signs with your router up to 36in in length. The character templates, made of durable polymer material, are self-spacing so there is no measuring required. Both kits include a TurnLock™ BasePlate that will fit most routers. With TurnLock™ as an integral feature on the Base Plate, bushing exchange is tool-free, hardware-free, and takes only seconds.

    For over 40 years, serious hobbyists have relied on Milescraft's® SignCrafter™ and SignPro™ to help them make vertical and horizontal signs of the highest quality with ease.


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  • Drill Holes In Tight Spaces With Milescraft StubbyBits™

    Now you can drill holes into metal and other surfaces in hard to reach areas you couldn't get to before without breaking off the tip of a good drill bit. These durable drill bits are precision ground from one piece of M2 High Speed Steel; there is no weak spot where two pieces are welded or crimped together. With a standard 135 degree tip, these bits are ideal for drilling into metal, plastic, or other materials. 

    Ranging in length from 33 - 58mm overall length, StubbyBits™ let you drill in confined spaces and around tight corners. The shank is 1/4in hex shaft that works with standard quick change chucks. Use with a Drive90™ right angle driver to get inside of really tight spaces.

    - The 6-Piece Wood Stubby includes common size drill bits: 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 6.0mm, 8.0mm and 10.0mm

    - The 5-Piece Metal Stubby includes common size drill bits: 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 6.0mm and 8.0mm

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  • Instant, Positive Lateral Stability on Almost Any Kind of Work Surface Without Clamps!

    The special foam impregnated non-slip skin holds any type of material in place, allowing users to route, sand, drill, carve and paint without clamps and with assurance the work piece will not move.  

    When on their flat side, TriGrips™ holds a work piece 30mm above the bench top. Full and easy access to the material’s edges allows users to route, sand, drill, carve and paint without clamps and with assurance the work will not move. TriGrips™ support larger work at its edges, narrower, longer work along its median, or when grouped together form a concentrated center support.

    When set on edge self-adjusting, stabilizing internal ballast flows to the base of a unit set in the vertical position. TriGrips™ raise the work piece a full 76mm above the bench. In combination with the cone-shaped tip formed into one corner of the block, a set of 4 TriGrips™ offer a no-extra-cost alternative to single-duty painting supports. 

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  • The Trim45™ is the handiest tool in the toolbox when it comes to installing door and window casement trim as well as trim on fireplaces or book shelves. This unique device eliminates fumbling with tape measures when determining the length of finish trim. Unique to the Trim45™ is an adjustable reveal setting ranging from 1/8in to 1/2in in 1/8in increments allowing it to be used on any project.

    Stick pins, tape measure slots, and rare earth magnets make accurate installation of even the largest windows a one person job. Other uses include a built in mitre gauge for marking 45 degree angles, a built in square for marking 90 degree angles or setting mitre blades, and tape measure slots allow marking straight lines at the depth of the set reveal.

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  • Fast, easy, tool-free exchange of guide bushings on any router - the only product of its kind!

    Forget fumbling with tiny bolts and screwdrivers. The TurnLock™ concept turns changing guide bushings, and installing router attachments, into a simple matter of a 1/4 twist.  Just align the TurnLock™ bushing inside the TurnLock™ base, and twist. The cogs on the outside of the bushing slip into the slots on the inside of the base, locking the bushing in place.  Reverse the process to remove the bushing. The TurnLock™ Base Plate is made from clear resin that greatly increases the user's visibility of the work area, and allows for a more consistent alignment of router bits with any template shape. The TurnLock™ base attaches to any of the Milescraft® router attachments via the same principle...align and twist.

    The set contains - 

    - 7in universal TurnLock™ Base Plate that will fit most routers up to 3HP
    - Centering Pin, which aids in an accurate one-time centering of base plate and bushings
    - The 8 most popular size bushings - 
             - 5/16in
             - 3/8in
             - 7/16in
             - 1/2in
             - 2x 5/8in (one standard and one long length)
             - 51/64in
             - 9/16in
             - PLUS a top hat adaptor that converts Porter Cable-style metal bushings into TurnLock™ Quick Change Bushings.

    Also available separately are the complete set of bushings. The perfect companion to Milescraft products that don’t have complete set such as Router Guide and sign-making kits.

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  • Exceptional Flexibility and Precision When Cutting with a Jig or Circular Saw

    The innovative tooth-gear design allows tool-less exchange of bars which come in four sizes of varying widths to virtually all circular and jig saws available on the market today. With the inclusion of special holding clips it permits easy setup and attachment. 

    The exclusive trimming feature allows you to adjust the length of cut by 1/8in (3.2mm) increments without tools. It works equally as well from the LH or RH side of the tool and it? extends the saw blade up to 254mm from the edge of your work piece with multiple holes in the guide head to compensate for varying bar widths, ensuring precise alignment of jig's blade when cutting circles. ?

    SawGuide™ works with nearly any saw, including (but not limited to) the following brands: Bosch®      DeWalt®      Black & Decker®      Makita®      Milwaukee®      GMC®      Ryobi®      Hitachi®      And more...

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  • Increase security and privacy in your home by replacing interior and exterior doors without damaging the jamb or door frame with the DoorMorticeKit™ from Milescraft®. By routing matching mortices for hinges, as well as strike and latch plates into the door and jamb, you won't have to tear a hole in the wall just to hang a better wooden door. Featuring an easy to use drop-in template design with a sturdy steel frame, this kit comes with everything you need for virtually all hinges on 35mm and 45mm doors and jambs.

    Simply set the door thickness selector knob, attach to the door or jamb, drop in the plainly marked template for your door hardware, and rout! Includes a durable tungsten carbide tipped 1/2in router bit with ball bearing, eliminating the need for guide bushings. Also includes an Easy Measure Guide where we have done the math and made it simple for you to get standard industry placement of your door hardware.

    Centered tabs on each template ensure complete accuracy. This product is packaged in a clamshell that snaps shut to act as a hanging storage container for your templates when not in use. Simply cut off the package seal edge when opening for reuse.


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