Bow Bandsaw GuidePro Featherboard

  • Bow Bandsaw GuidePro Featherboard

    Get the best out of your bandsaw

    Even the most sturdy, reliable equipment needs a helping hand. If you want the best from your bandsaw then Bow Products’ Bandsaw GuidePro makes smooth, precise bandsaw cuts effortless, ensuring the perfect finish. 

    Why use GuidePro?

    Designed to make the lives of bandsaw operators easier, the GuidePro is quickly becoming an industry standard due to its firm control and consistent pressure. Many bandsaws tend to naturally drift slightly to the left or right, which makes the GuidePro’s solid yet simple design a must for fastidious tradies and DIYers. 

    A six-inch silicone feather ensures constant contact between your saw and workpiece by spreading pressure along the leading edge. This results in a smooth, straight cut time after time.


    • Detachable base that doubles as an imperial and metric measuring tool
    • Locking lever easily holds your desired pressure
    • Silicone feather dampens vibration for clean cuts
    • Comfortable, ergonomic grip that absorbs shaking
    • Durable 152mm (6in) feather applies consistent pressure on workpiece
    • Fits standard 19.5 x 9mm (3/4" x 3/8") mitre slots
    • Flexible material accommodates variations in workpiece 
    • Hands-Free option so you can set and forget
    • Optional 102mm (4in) extension to offer 254mm (10in) of coverage

    What's the extension kit?

    Tackling something just out of reach? GuidePro’s got you covered.

    If you need the GuidePro’s simple cutting on a project over 150mm, the GuidePro Extension Kit adds another 4-inches to your GuidePro feather. While the 6-inch feather is suited to a large variety of bandsaw projects, this extension kit allows you to hold wood pieces up to 250mm tall.

    The kit includes a separate 250mm feather and easily attaches and detaches to your GuidePro, giving you additional flexibility in seconds. Ultimately, the GuidePro improves every facet of bandsaw operation, giving you a safer, hassle-free and professional cut.

    Isn’t it time your equipment performed at its best? 

    GuidePro Featherboard
    $119.00 (inc GST)
    GuidePro Extension
    $29.90 (inc GST)

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